At midlife and asking what now and how? These postcards are written for you.

At 52 I became jobless, wifeless, and unanchored … by choice. My life became chillingly unpredictable and infinitely exhilarating as I pursued a direction both selfish and compulsory. Through these essays I express the motivations, expectations, and experiences - the satisfying and disappointing - attendant to this journey. They will benefit anyone considering similar reboots and pivots.

I am an experientialist, deeply engaged in the prose. I’ve enjoyed a wide spectrum of occupations - from dishwasher to punk rocker to investment banker and venture capitalist to professor and now composer/playwright - lived globally and raised 3 kids. I’ve been Appalachian poor and Silicon Valley rich and I’m back to somewhere in between. Through all of this I’ve gazed at my north star and asked: what really matters? You’ll hear what I’m learning and I’ll ask you what I’m missing through these essays; no, I don’t have it all figured out.

As for my style, I take on serious themes with a light pen, well seasoned with the flavors of Provence, where I now live. They tend to be 5 - 7 minutes reads.

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Reclaiming your life story at 50+. The prize and peril of audacious personal reinvention.


Bill Magill

Bill is an American playwright, musician, and essayist. His blog explores the primacies of authenticity and self-realization; of personal worth as opposed to acquired wealth. Bill is a reformed VC, now living simply and deeply in the south of France.